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Product Introduction

Real Love Doll "Yasuragi Body"

An overwhelming presence so close that you can even feel her breath

By taking molds from models, a more realistic form was made possible, from the luscious curves to the details of the fingertips.
The head was created using modern 3D technology and plaster casting.

In order to approach the ideal form

Two colors are available for nipples. For pubic hair, natural colors were selected.
Options such as the nail kit, eye movement, and movable finger joints are offered as well.


The color can be adjusted to your preference.
Please select from the youthful pinkish "natural" color and the slightly darker "real" color.

・Pubic Hair Implant Option

In addition to previous pubic hair pieces, hair is implanted for a more realistic look.There are four options, two for thin/thick and two for black/brown.
In case no preference is indicated, the standard pubic hair piece will be used.

・Nail Kit

Nail Kit

This kit allows for more realistic nails.This kit allows for more realistic nails.Give it a try, make her shine!

・Eye movement (Fixed eyes can be chosen)

Eye Movement Option

By adding the eye movement option, you can adjust the line of sight to your liking. Please enjoy the delicate difference of the facial expression. Movement of the two eyes is not linked. Adjustment will be needed for each eye.djustment of the eye direction may result in lowered satisfaction. For such cases, fixed eyeballs are available as well.

・Movable Finger Joint option

By adding movable finger joints as an option, poses can be executed right up to the fingertips.Enjoy the wider range of poses possible through photography and modeling.
*Silicon at the fingertips is very delicate. Please be careful not to damage it while in use.

Blood vessel make-up(Optional) 

Blood vessel make-up is an option that can stand out sheer skin texture of silicon love dolls.
By applying this blood vessel make-up, skin and body look more realistic and increasing a sense of presence.

*Blood vessel make-up is an option for Pure White and Real amber only.
*The image shown is Yasuragi.


Dual Frame

The Dual Frame allows for movement of joints with less force compared to previous models while maintaining flexibility and durability, making for a better experience.As only one body type is offered, there is no need to ponder over various options and selections.Also, by using the enhanced grip in the pelvic region, *various poses are possible.
*For example possible poses, please see the samples.Note that in order to maintain a pose, a doll must be supported externally.

Ideal Soft Feminine Touch

Ideal Soft Feminine Touch

Through the use of a new production method, creating a slight hollow area helps the soft gel remains in place without collapsing or spilling, making it possible to successfully improve upon the concept of "Ideal Soft Feminine Touch" while maintaining sturdiness and durability.

Realistic Details

Realistic Details

By taking a mold from actual women, details such as skin creases were added for more reality.

Export Price

Dual Frame
YASURAGI (Normal ver.)
JPY 739,800

Product Specification

Standard Set

  • Silicon Head
  • Silicon Body
  • Hole Parts Set
  • Attachable Public Hair *1
  • Repair Kit
  • Wig
  • Underwear Set (Slip dress & Panty)
  • Hole Cap
  • Nail Kit
  • Anniversary Ring

*1 Doesn't come when you choose implant option.

Body Size & Weight

Height 147cm *1
Weight without the head 28.5kg *2
Bust Top 83cm (Japanese bra size D65)
Chect under the bust (Under) Under 65cm
Waist 63cm
Hips 90cm
Shoe size 22cm - 23.5cm

*1 Including the head
*2 The weight is for body part only.
There are some individual differences due to the product is handmade.

The Principal Materials

Skin Silicon Rubber
Internal Filler Soft Urethane Foam
Skeleton Aluminum Alloy / Industrial Plastic / Brass / Stainless Steel

Flexibility of each moveable part.

Flexibility of each moveable part.

Head & Wig

  • Hair is wig and removable. You can choose any hair style from our wig selections.
  • You can choose either fixed eyes or movable eyes with no additional cost.


Chigusa Hara(Normal skin)
Dark Curly Bob
Chigusa Hara(White skin)
Dark Curly Bob
Chigusa Hara(Suntan)
Shine semi-long
Shino Sakuragi (Normal skin)
Short Bob
Shino Sakuragi (White skin)
Dark long Layer
Shino Sakuragi (Suntan)
Short Bob

Yasuragi(Normal skin)

Minami Iikura
Sunny Bob
Madoka Kurihara
Curl Must


Saori (Normal skin)
Brown Curly Bob
Saori (White skin)
Dark Medium Layer
Saori (Suntan)
Brown Curly Bob
Riri (Normal skin)
French Medi
Riri (White skin)
Straight Layer
Riri (Suntan)
French Medi
Erika (Normal skin)
Short Bob
Erika (White skin)
One Curl Medi
Erika (Suntan)
One Curl Medi

Ange(Normal skin)

Fairy Curl
Dark Curly Bob
Sideup Tail
Roman Straight

Photo Selection

Minami Iikura(Normal skin)

Madoka Kurihara(Normal skin)

Shino Sakuragi(Normal skin)

Chigusa Hara(Normal skin)