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Product Introduction

-Petite- Nano

A small body that is easy to disassemble and store.

The petite lightweight frame is made with the intention of ease in disassembly of the head, arms, torso and legs, making her more suitable for carrying as well as dressing up.Body parts can be chosen from three types of materials and sizes, while legs can be chosen from two positions, allowing for a wide range of use.

Interchangable body parts allow for easier handling and make posing possible.

Lightweight interchangable body parts allow for easier handling and make posing possible.Good for use in a wide range of scenarios.Head, torso, arm and leg parts are detachable, and they can be assembled to build the doll.

Example poses Click to enlarge the photo

・Bodies made of different materials

Large Bust Body is added in the selection.Choose a torso from two materials that are soft to the touch.

・Arm and Leg Parts

Arms and Legs are made of Soft Vinyl.Bent legs are intended for seated positions and sleeping together in bed.Straight legs allow for standing upright (with proper support), and can be used for display and photography purposes.

・Compact storage

Since head, arm and legs are detachable, storage and carry size is reduced compared to other models with built-in limbs.

Box dimensions (for shipping) [74cm x 40cm x 30cm]

Export Price

Love Doll Petite Nano Soft Vinyl Body Standard Set JPY 262,440
Silicon Body Standard Set From JPY 293,760

Product Specification

・Standard set

  • Head Part
  • Wig
  • Body part
  • Soft Vinyl Arm part
  • Soft Vinyl Leg part
  • Hole part
  • Hole Cap *
  • Underwear Set (Slip dress & Panty)

*Silicon hole cap comes with Silicon body.
Soft Vinyl hole cap comes with Soft Vinyl body.

・Body size & Weight

Weight without head 11.5 kg (Soft Vinyl body)
14.0 kg (Silicon Body Small Bust)
14.5 kg (Silicon Body Large Bust)
Weight without arms and legs5.6 kg (Soft Vinyl Body)
8.0 kg (Silicon Body Small Bust)
8.5 kg (Silicon Body Large Bust)
Weight of Arms0.65kg
Weight of Legs2.3kg (Straight or Bent legs)
Bust66cm (Small Bust A cup) *1*2
Large Bust: 75cm (Large Bust Japanese Bra D Cup) *1
Under Bust58cm
Shoe Size22.5cm〜24cm

*1 Cup size is apporoximate
*2 Bust size for Silicon Small Bust & Soft Vinyl Bust is the same.

・Flexibility of each moveable part.

Flexibility of each moveable part.

  • Hair is wig and removable. You can choose any hair style from our wig selections.
  • You can purchase a head and a wig separately alone, You can enjoy new head and with your own doll.
  • Eye movement option is available.
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