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For First Time Customers

『Company Profile』

Four commitments of Orient Industry

Commitment to QUALITY

Love Dolls we are selling are rather expensive products. Therefore we have a commitment to quality so you can patronize long.

Commitment to the material SILICON

Silicon we are using as material is our original, compounded based on the knowledge through years of experience. It is excellent in durability and has a feature of less bleed.

By increasing the amount of oil contained in silicon, it is possible to make it feel softer, but it tends to split up easily. And more oil bleeding on your hands just by touching. Oil stains on bed sheets, sofa and so on will result in big disadvantages.
To avoid such problems, we are compounding our original silicon.
In fact, since 2001 we have sold silicon love dolls, but some customers are still having the dolls purchased at the time.

For your information
Reason not to adopt TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) as a material for love doll
There is strong doubt that it is an Endocrine Disruptor that affects the environment and reproductive. And the movement of regulation of use is strengthening globally.

The material is used such as car parts and mouse grips in place of plastics when it needs hardness. But the material for the product like Love Dolls that needs softness, there are big disadvantages of more bleed and extremely bad durability.

Further, one of the biggest reasons is that make-up to a face that is particularly important for Love Doll is impossible (make-up easily come off).

Note) Although our "Honey pot" is made out of elastomer, compliant with Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Food Sanitation Law No. 370 and can be used with confidence.

Commitment to the SKELETON

The skeleton is designed with importance on the usability of love doll enables bending, twisting and other natural movements close to human movement and has sufficient durability.

Commitment to the SHOWROOMS


Ueno (Tokyo)





In order our customers to be encouraged to purchase our products with confidence by seeing our real dolls, we have 3 showrooms in Ueno (Tokyo), Osaka and Fukuoka. You can visit showrooms with making a reservation.

Recently, we have heard from many people who came to talk about buying love dolls through internet and regretted..

We strongly recommend you to decide to purchase by seeing and touching the real product.