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Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

● About Product

questionCan I put a ready-made clothes on the doll ?

answerYes, you can. You can use ready-made clothes and accessories.

* Clothing size vary by clothes makers. Please check the size carefully before you purchase. Bra size on our website is approximate.

About height of doll - Height of doll may be different depending on which head you use.

About weight of doll - the weight on our website is for just body. Head is not included.

questionWhat is color transfer ?

answer"Color transfer" is transfer color from a clothes to a doll body. Especially dyed material like denim, colored cotton or rubber strap on the doll skin directly.There are a lot of materials of clothes. We just cannot specify which is good and which is bad. Please check carefully before you put the clothes on the doll.

questionHow can I avoid color transfer ?

answerPlease check the following. :

●Do not use the clothes that you think the color of the clothes come off easily.
●Check a care label on the clothes to know if the color can come off.
●Test with a hole cap that comes with doll.
●Avoid to be touch directly on the silicon surface like put the panty hose on the doll first.

questionCan I put the doll in a bath or shower ?

answerYes, you can. You can give the doll a bath or shower up to the height of shoulders. But you should be careful. The joint between head and body made of metal and not waterproof. If water comes in the doll, internal material and skeleton could be damaged. In case water come in the internal body, try to remove water by dried towel immediatelyand dry it completely.

questionCan I make up on doll face myself ?

answerWe would not recommend you makeup the doll up yourself. Ingredient of the cosmetics or paint could damage silicon material. If you really want to do or have to do, test it on hidden part of doll like head surface under the wig.

questionHow do I maintain doll body ?

answerTry to keep the doll clean always. Silicon surface is sticky so it catches dust. It can be avoid by baby powder. Try to wiped with a damp cloth and apply baby powder sometimes.

questionHow do I maintain wig ?

answerWe have hair care set. Sorry but we cannot ship hair care set to overseas because spray can included. Shipping company don't accept it. You should be able to find wig cleaner in your country. Just don't use dryer. Hair could be melted

questionHow do I keep or storage doll ?

answerThe best position is lie on the bed or .

questionCan I apply nail polish or artificial nail to the doll fingers ?

answerYes, you can use artificial nail on fingers. If it is soft vinyl doll, use double sided tape. If it is silicon doll, use a glue in the repair kit comes with the doll. We would not recommend you to use nail polish on fingers.

questionCan I move doll eyes or mouth open ? Can doll speak ?

answerNo, eyes or mouth cannot be opened more. Speaking doll is technically possible. But it could sound like robot and

questionDetail about hole parts.

answerOur hole parts is not very real because of law compliance in Japan. The hole is made of the material that has excellent flexibility and elasticity and the surface of the internal tube is undulating. After you use the hole, keep it always clean by washing with neutral detergent and dry completely. After you dry it, you can use it repeatedly.

*The hole parts touches your skin directly. Please exchange it to new one on a regular basis. Be aware of sanitation by your own judge.

questionCan I use the doll for oral sex ?

answerNo. We don't have any dolls for oral sex.

● About Repair

questionI would like you to repair my doll. How do I do that ?

answer Unfortunately we cannot take care of repair. It is very difficult to ship the doll back to Japan and cost would be very high. We accept repair for Japanese customers only at this moment.

questionThere had some scratches on silicon surface. Can I repair it myself ?

answerYou can use a repair kit comes with the doll if the scratches is approximately less than 3cm in length and 1cm in depth. But for larger damage, it cannot be repaired by the repair kit.

● About Purchase

question Do you accept installment payment or layaway ?

answer No, unfortunately, we cannot accept installment or layaway. Paying full amount in advance only.

question Can I purchase dolls anonymously ?

answer No, you cannot purchase dolls anonymously.

question Can I receive the doll at other place than my home ?

answer We may arrange shipment to shipping company's office near you. But some local office may not be able to accept it or charge additional cost.

question How is the doll packaged ?

answerWe pack doll in hard and solid carton to damage and for your privacy. We don't use wooden crate. It is hard card board box.

Product NamePackage dimensionsWeight
Ange / Ange Separate
Jewel 146 Real Taste
Height 111.5cm / Width 45cm / Depth 61cm Approx.. 38kg
Jewel 136 Real TasteHeight 105.5cm / Width 41.5cm / Depth 58.5cm Approx.. 31kg
NanoHeight 30cm / Width 40cm / Depth 74cm Approx.. 18kg

*Nano package may ne separated in several boxes depending what you ordered.

question Who is an exporter and how do you declare the product name ?

answer Exporter's name is "Crescent Trading, Inc." and the product name we declare is "Mannequin".

● Other Questions

questionAbout the use of doll

answerYou can use the doll freely yourself. Please understand that we don't allow you to use for business such as rental or resell. We may refuse to sell our dolls if we found it.

question About the use of photos and article on our website

answer We strictly prohibit you to use pictures and article on our website for business without permission.


Thank you for considering to purchase our products.
Before you order, please read the following to understand the nature of our product.

○Love dolls are hand made.

Our love dolls are all handmade. We make dolls carefully one by one. Because of that, there is individual difference. Also, due to the production process, there are parting lines and holes to infix on the products. The surface made of silicon may not be uniform. Please understand those things before you order. To provide a product improvement , we may change specifications without notice. Please acknowledge it in advance.

○Handle dolls gently.

Love dolls are very delicate product. For comfortable use, the dolls need periodic care. Please read an manual comes with doll and handle gently.

○Product will aging.

Love Doll is made of a variety of materials. It is depending how you handle the doll and the environment, each material changes with time. For example, discoloration of the skin or deterioration of joint hardness. Please acknowledge it in advance.