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Product Introduction

Real Love Doll "Ange Body"

Export Price

Dual Frame
Large Bust
JPY 729,000
Small Bust
JPY 708,480

Product Specification

・Standard Set

  • Silicon Head
  • Silicon Body
  • Hole Parts Set *1
  • Attachable Public Hair *2
  • Repair Kit
  • Wig
  • Underwear Set (Slip dress & Panty)
  • Hole Cap
  • Nail Kit
  • Anniversary Ring

*1 Selecting from "Whirlpools Hole Set" or "Octopus Hole Set".
*2 Doesn't come when you choose implant option.

・Body Size & Weight

Height 157cm *1
Weight without the head 28.0kg (Large Breasts) *2
27.5kg (Small Breasts) *2
Large Bust Top 84cm
(Japanese bra size E65)
Small Bust Top 76cm
(Japanese bra size B65)
Chect under the bust (Under) Under 64cm
Waist 56cm
Hips 83cm
Shoe size 23.5cm - 25cm

*1 Including the head
*2 The weight is for body part only.
There are some individual differences due to the product is handmade.

・The Principa Materials

Skin Silicon Rubber
Internal Filler Soft Urethane Foam
Skeleton Aluminum Alloy / Industrial Plastic / Brass / Stainless Steel

・Flexibility of each moveable part.