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Product Introduction

Real Love Doll "Ange Body"

In order to reach your ideals

Adjusting to the average height of a human woman, bust size are made available as options.In addition, pubic hair, nails, finger joints, eye direction etc are all made as new options.

・Bust Comparison

Bust Comparison We have E cup bust size (large) and B cup bust size (small)
Please choose according to your preferences.
Silicon in the bust is made to be softer than that in other body parts.

・Arranging Underhair

In addition to previous pubic hair pieces, hair is implanted for a more realistic look.There are four options, two for thin/thick and two for black/brown.
In case no preference is indicated, the standard pubic hair piece will be used.

Arranging Underhair

・Cast her in an array of garments

Regardless of bust size, the proportions are designed to fit size 7 and size 9 clothing sold at local retailers.Enjoy freedom in selecting clothes, try a bunch and see what fits her best!

Cast her in an array of garments

・Eye movement
(Fixed eyes can be chosen)

Eye Movement Option

By adding the eye movement option, you can adjust the line of sight to your liking. Please enjoy the delicate difference of the facial expression.
Movement of the two eyes is not linked. Adjustment will be needed for each eye.djustment of the eye direction may result in lowered satisfaction. For such cases, fixed eyeballs are available as well.

・Nail Kit

Nail Kit

The Nail kit comes as part of the standard doll set.

・Movable Finger Joint option

Movable Finger Joint option

By adding movable finger joints as an option, poses can be executed right up to the fingertips.Enjoy the wider range of poses possible through photography and modeling.
*Silicon at the fingertips is very delicate.Please be careful not to damage it while in use.

・Blood vessel make-up(Optional)

Blood vessel make-up is an option that can stand out sheer skin texture of silicon love dolls.
By applying this blood vessel make-up, skin and body look more realistic and increasing a sense of presence.
*Blood vessel make-up is an option for Pure White and Real amber only.
*The image shown is Yasuragi.